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An example from Spotify of what recruitment emails could be

A way to engage job applicants, who could become (or may already be) customers and brand evangelists

In my last post, I wrote about the missed marketing opportunity in HR.

When someone applies for a job, they are essentially inviting a company to begin a dialogue with them. Many organizations also spend many dollars trying to build an audience and engage potential customers.

So, why not communicate with job applicants and look to further build a following there, especially when modern email programs and automated marketing tools make this so easy?

You can read the whole thing here:

The idea is, in an age when some companies talk so much about lead generation and pour dollars into it, too many of them leave potential leads on the table when they don’t respond (or send weak responses) to job applicants.

I drafted that post a few months ago during a job search, but didn’t published it until a few days ago. Not long after I wrote it this summer, I got an email and hung onto it because it’s a nice example of what more companies could be doing as part of their recruitment process.

It’s from Spotify:

Thank you for showing interest in our …(Removed)… position at Spotify!

A recruiter will take a look at your profile and get back to you as soon as possible.

For now — sit back, relax, and enjoy this playlist:

We also really think you should check out our Instagram-account.

If you’d like to track the progress of your application, please click the following link:


(If you have applied one or more times before with the same email address, please use your email to login at jobvite.com to follow your application.)

All the best,
Spotify Recruitment Team

Think about how many people must want to work at Spotify. And if every applicant gets an email back like that, think of the extra traffic they could potentially be driving to their own product with that playlist and to their Instagram account with that one link.

Even if just a handful of applicants click the link, what if a few of those people become customers each month, or share that playlist with friends, or like a photo on Instagram, and on and on.

With that automated email, Spotify also gets done what they need to get done for the applicants who don’t want that other stuff. They confirm receipt of the application, communicate next steps and provide tracking information. The majority of the companies I applied with during my last job search didn’t do that. The cover letter and resume just fell into the abyss.

As I wrote in my previous post, “There’s so much room for organizations to set themselves apart from the pack in this area.” The bar is incredibly low when it comes to recruitment communication and it wouldn’t take much to take it up a notch and rise above the rest.

Embed video, link to a blog post, include a podcast with the CEO that might excite and attract the kind of employees you want, offer something for free, invite them to an event, etc., etc.

In other words, take the lead nurturing process, tweak it a little to make it fit the right way, and apply it to hiring.

Now, go listen to that Spotify playlist emailed me, which I never would have been able to tell you about if they’d been like most companies and settled for a more typical approach on recruitment communication.

And if you work in marketing, think about whether it makes sense for you to request a meeting with HR to talk about this.

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