Damn Right Bitcoin is a Prep

My portfolio consists of 5% banking 15% silver and 80% Bitcoin. I’m gradually rebalanceing to 50% metals and 50% Bitcoin going into 2020. I’m structured this way because it is the highest growth, the most resistance to a financial reset and the biggest middle finger I can give to the banks that put us in this economically precarious environment. In this article I’m going to explore how Bitcoin can be used from a prepping standpoint, common reservations from preppers on bitcoin, and strategies you can use to integrate it.

You have to think of it tactically and without ideology. And because bitcoin is new and obscure I can understand the skepticism. Perhaps think of them as contrasting styles of fighters?

(imagine Bruce Buffer voice)

“In the first corner you have silver and gold. With over 5 thousand years of history of money Gold and Silver is the reigning champ. When we look at the economic conditions that we have today. Gold can be easily revalued to 10x in a financial reset.

In the second corner we have the challenger. The up and commer bitcoin. Exponentially faster growth than metals. Started the year at 1k and sky rocketed to 6k.”

Now the first problem with this analogy is that they are not competitors. they compliment each other. Each asset class compliments the weakness of the other. The real enemy here are thirsty greedy governments and their capitol controls.

In a SHTF scenario you can take your wealth and move it across boarders without fear of it being seized much easier than a pile of metals. Well this assumes a Venezuela SHTF and not a mad max SHTF if you know what I’m saying.

If you need to get out of dodge you simply grab the paper that has your 9 word pass phrase. Hand a copy to your wife and go. This is all you need. It is more low key than metals and wieghtless.

However Bitcoin does not have the history that metals do (even though it has grown faster) and it can be hacked (if you don’t know what your doing) and so for not I am light on metals but as we move towards 2020 I am rebalanceing.

At the end of the day you want to get alittle skin in the game and keep an open but critical mind. Treat it as your first salvo of SHTF and a test of your own mental preparedness. Is your mind flexible to accommodate this new tool safely? What I can tell you is Bitcoin has opened up entirely new opportunities for me for prepping. it 4xed my wealth in 3 months.

Are you planning on using Bitcoin as part of your preps? feel free to reach out with questions or concerns mikehholladay@gmail.com. Cheers!

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