The dollar is on life support, it will die, here is what to expect

the single greatest event in American history is on our door step. It will be a horrendous nightmare and a tremendous opportunity. In this article we will explore how this happened, how to prepare, and what to expect.

Being the world’s banker has been taken for granted in America. The excess of wealth has become the new normal and people don’t seem to realize that it is the demand for dollars that props up our economy and massively subsidizes our lives.

the 2008 crisis shook the world awake to the fact that the money they held could evaporate in value and most have taken steps to hedge against the dollar. China, Russia, and South American central banks have all stockpiled gold to protect themselves. China developed the silk road and settles payment in the “gold trade note”

for those in the know the dollar died in 2008 well it has been kept on life support and the world family are just deciding now the details of the funeral and what to do next. While most Americans are laughing about how this could ever happen. Not only has it already happened they are currently negotiating what to do next.

How did this happen?

the post mordem of the death of the dollar cannot be pinned to one person. Wilson let the fox in the hen house by privatizing the central banks, Nixon took us to a wasteful war and decoupled us from the gold standard. The endless Bush/Obama war years etc etc.

the cycle of empires is old news in the time frame of human history. Every empire has ended. And nearly every person in these empires thought it would last forever. Look up Mike Maloney or Jim RIchards. All very credible and detailed scholars discussing this issue.

When will this happen?

The first thing people think of is “when will this happen?” 2 months? 2 years? who knows really. The consensus seems to be sooner rather than later. The time frame is not as important as the realization that this is absolutely going to happen. soon. and has happened hundreds of times in the past. It is already happening in countries around the world. We are lucky if it is as slow of an onslaught on Venezuela.

What can be done about this?

run away from the dollar like it is on fire. Like it is the clown from IT. A thousand trillion US dollars are in existence hyperinflation in baked in the cake.

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin all dollar independent. a 10% allocation has always been the recommended until the bankers decided they want to gamble on the last 10% in about the 1980’s. Gold and Silver will conservatively appreciate 10x in a currency collapse. And so a mere 10% will put you at break even.

Bitcoin is the new kid on the block. It is the closest thing to the current system and does not have storage or transport cost. It can rise faster than metals and crash harder than metals but when the dust settles it will be a crypto backed currency that will be the next worlds money.

What not to do

they are going to take your bank account. They did it in Cyprus and they did it in Greece. It will happen on a friday where your funds are frozen. Atms will be drained and not refilled and you will be limited to perhaps a 300 dollar a day withdrawal. In this withdrawal stemmed the currency devaluation will be 30% to 80% as world accounts are settled. Gold and Silver will inflate to 9k an ounce in gold and 600 in silver roughly. Cryptos will inflate even higher but deflate faster if you bet on the right one. They are already exploding. And as metals markets dry up they will be the last life boat.

given this reality savings accounts …IRAs …stocks…bonds… all the quadrillion in world assets will return to their original intrinsic value as Voltaire says…zero.

The hope

our true colors will shine through in this strife. We are a robust and innovative nation. We are also the empire of chaos. Both aspects will assert themselves with greater intensity.

The decentralized democratic crypto economy can replace the entire system. The plane is coming down and it will be a hard crash or a water landing. The extent that the pontoons are fitted are the level that the cryptos have matured. We can only pray that this shall be the case.