Why do some men get so defensive when women want equality?
Lindz Marie

And this is where you’re wrong again in assuming I’m just a typical white man. Like I wrote before, I vote for the PERSON who I believe will be most capable of serving ALL constituents. I know this will shock you but often the people I vote for are women because they are immensely capable of serving in a political office. However, it is not their OUTWARD appearance as a woman that attracts my vote, it is what is on the inside. You are reducing voting to something that has to do with what’s between the legs rather than what is in a person’s heart, head and above all their character. Maybe it is yourself that needs to get over an antiquated system that says we are supposed to vote for what’s on the outside (race, gender, sexual preference, looks, etc) and you need to step into the revolution of voting for people because of values, character and common sense.

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