From deep depression and overweight in 2010 to multiple ultra-marathon finishes. Writes about living a full life & running.

The most commonly heard phrase for ultrarunners may be what makes them special.

Crazy trail runner on a mountain trail. Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash

“Dude, you’re crazy!” is the phrase you’ll most often hear when you tell people you run ultra-marathons.

Being willing to not be typical and like everybody else may be just what makes ultra-runners special in today’s running society.

After a year in which running exploded as people escaped lock-downs, running…

Husband, salesperson, ultra-runner continually pushing himself to be a better version of himself and living an ultra life, a life lived to the full.

An hour after the sun rose at a November 2020 24-Hour Race.

I am a 56 (going on 57) year old who thirteen years ago experienced the worse hell I ever thought a human being could ever live through. After working hard and studying even harder, my wife of almost thirty-five years and I found ourselves in Central Asia broken, angry and…

The key is found in your attitude towards long term fitness.

Finally fit enough to run without a shirt on. First time in my life at age 57. Selfie by author on a hot, humid Virginia Beach day.

One of the most challenging things you will do as a hobby athlete is maintaining your fitness through the holiday season and not having to start all over in the new year.

The first thing you’re going to notice is the phrase “hobby runner” or “hobby athlete.” I began using…

If you’re a runner and you haven’t been asked yet, don’t worry it will come.

The smiles at the end of an ultra-marathon as you all know you finished well because you chose to run well. Photo taken by the author’s wife at the end of Get Outside 8 Hour Run in Smithfield, Virginia.

When I first began running, I exchanged golf clubs for running shoes. Golf wasn’t doing anything for my ever-expanding waistline, so it didn’t seem to be that big of a trade.

As chance would have it, I was having lunch with a golfer friend. …

Durability needs a seat at the table

Training SMART builds the durability to take on big challenges. Photo of author doing bridge training, this was a 50K day of running bridges to increase durability. Veteran’s Bridge, Chesapeake VA.

Let me qualify everything I am about to say. I am not a running or fitness coach. I am not certified. I did not go to school to learn about fitness.

I am simply a geeky business person who has run injury-free for four straight years. I have run over…

But only if you are willing to admit that there is a better you ready to emerge.

We are all traveling somewhere. Photo by Ann Fossa on Unsplash

Now go and do the same.” Read those words a couple of times and then begin to imagine a world where instead of reacting negatively to everything that happens, we react in a way that is productive and positive.

I’m not a religious person. I am, however, a person that…

Plan all you want, but you better be prepared to adapt.

The Art of Perseverance is merely deciding to get back up every time something knocks you down. Photo by author during Soupy 7 Hour Race in August 2021, Williamsburg VA.

Three hours into a thirteen-hour night race, everything was going to plan. I was staying on pace, taking in the right amount of nutrition and hydration, and thought I would have one hell of a race.

And then I found myself in the woods by the side of the trail…

If you’re willing, amazing things can be discovered about yourself on a run

Running in First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA. Photo taken by author with iPhone and timer.

I was listening to a Mark Batterson podcast on a recent run, and he told a story that made me literally stop in my tracks, pull out my phone and type the story.

Batterson said, “Long ago missionaries went to Africa, and they hired some locals to porter their stuff…

Purposely seeking pain is weird, but learning from pain is where growth happens.

Learning the difference between injury pain and fatigue pain may keep you from drowning. Photo by Nikko Macaspac on Unsplash

Sometimes you must hurt to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to grow because life’s greatest struggle is through the pain.” Naruto Uzumaki

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I could learn so much from a Japanese anime character’s quote. …

The best laid plans of mice and men go much better when we seek input.

Planning means you know where everything goes and what is needed in every situation. Our running van all nice and organized for a 24 Hour race in Lillington NC. Photo by author

Before my first 100-mile race attempt, I meticulously wrote down my nutrition plan. It had everything in it. This plan was foolproof as it had all the details of what to eat at what mile and what to pick up from the aid stations.

I even laminated it so I…

Michael Horner

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