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From deep depression and overweight in 2010 to multiple ultra-marathon finishes. Writes about living a full life & running.

The most commonly heard phrase for ultrarunners may be what makes them special.

Crazy trail runner on a mountain trail. Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash

“Dude, you’re crazy!” is the phrase you’ll most often hear when you tell people you run ultra-marathons.

Being willing to not be typical and like everybody else may be just what makes ultra-runners special in today’s running society.

After a year in which running exploded as people escaped lock-downs, running to just run has increased everywhere. A study by RunRepeat states that during the pandemic, exercise was up 88%. Running was a huge part of that increase, with runners increasing their participation by 117% on average.

Max King, an athlete who runs everything from ultras to obstacle races, wrote about…

Husband, salesperson, ultra-runner continually pushing himself to be a better version of himself and living an ultra life, a life lived to the full.

An hour after the sun rose at a November 2020 24-Hour Race.

I am a 56 (going on 57) year old who thirteen years ago experienced the worse hell I ever thought a human being could ever live through. After working hard and studying even harder, my wife of almost thirty-five years and I found ourselves in Central Asia broken, angry and depressed with all our hopes and dreams lying on an airport floor as we were escorted by the police of the country we were serving in out the door.

The last thirteen years have been fueled by my friend and mentor’s one sentence comment as he met us at the…

There’s more to these human bodies than just the physical.

Finding wholeness on a mountain trail while running. Photo by Stephanie Bergeron on Unsplash

I ran up a set of switchbacks leading to the summit of a trail in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and was filled with excitement. I wasn’t huffing and puffing as I climbed the side of a mountain.

Standing at the summit and gazing all around me for miles at the stunning scenery, I was filled with thankfulness for the decision I had made two years before to build my mental, emotional and spiritual fitness levels at the same time as I was building my physical fitness levels.

Collins Dictionary defines wholeness as: “the quality of being complete or a…

Since our culture is all about winning the argument, get a step ahead of everyone else.

The art of the argument. Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

No longer are we a culture that respects everyone’s right to their opinion.

With social media now working with the government to ensure the opinion of the current government is the only opinion heard, winning the argument is what’s most important.

Following these tips will guarantee that you’ll never have to listen to someone else’s opinion ever again.

You will win the argument every time, guaranteed. If you lose a discussion after reading these tips and putting them into practice, I will refund the minutes you spent reading this article.

Tip #1 — Listen More Than You Talk

We tend to get stuck in a fitness routine and don’t realize at some point, it’s not benefitting us.

Fitness routines don’t have to be routine. Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

On an early morning run, I was musing about why my runs seemed routine, and I didn’t seem to be getting as many benefits as I used to from my runs.

It dawned on me that it was because I had gotten into such a routine with my exercise that it couldn’t benefit me any longer.

The same distance runs, the same stretches, the same yoga routine, the same weight training, and all I was getting from all this exercise was sameness.

Thinking this would be easy to turn around, I frustrated myself for another month before calling in the…

A complete lack of direction and no mountains to the west result in longer than anticipated runs.

Bighorn Mountains from near Park Reservoir. Photo by author.

The biggest challenge resulting from my move from the mountains of Wyoming to the concrete of Virginia hasn’t been what most people would think.

Yes, the constant noise and lack of quiet run routes without having to drive somewhere is unsettling.

Yet that hasn’t been the biggest challenge.

No, the biggest challenge has been that there are no mountains to the west of me.

When I put together a long run in Wyoming, I always knew the mountains were to the west of me. No matter where I started, there was always a landmark on the horizon standing up tall.

Learn the difference between running wisdom and running knowledge.

Let wisdom rise over your knowledge. Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

When I first began running a little over ten years ago, at age 46, I read everything I could find on running.

I signed up for my first marathon a month after my first 5K, found a training plan online, and went for it.

Along the way to successfully finishing the 2011 Marine Corp Marathon, I took the knowledge I gained. I scattered 5K, 10K, and half marathons through my training to prepare.

I continued to read and gain more knowledge.

I continued to run marathons and half-marathons, gaining more knowledge about running. I read books and articles. …

Once you’re stuck in the hole, it takes monumental effort to get out.

Don’t get pigeonholed as a writer. Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Pigeon Holed: 1. to place or file in a small compartment or recess. 2. to classify mentally; categorize. 3. to put aside and ignore; shelve.

I didn’t set out to write about running. I just happen to run a lot because that’s where I draw my daily inspiration to be a better version of who I was created to be.

When I began writing, I wanted to write about lifting your head above the daily grind of life and realizing you are incredible and capable of doing and being so much more than you may believe.

I was delighted…

Ways to continue running without having to purchase the latest product to keep cool.

It can feel like you’re running in the desert. Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

You want to go for a run, but as you look at the temperatures tick their way into triple digits, you’re pretty sure you will melt and shortly after die if you venture outside.

Your running shoes are begging you to lace them up and get outside. Still, you hesitate because you just don’t have the budget for all the latest cooling gadgets that will make running tolerable.

If you read the latest techniques for staying cool during the summer heat, you can watch your savings account dwindle to nothing quickly. You’ll need a cooling towel at $2.99, a moisture-wicking…

Everybody is looking for a place to belong after a long year of lock-downs and social distancing.

There’s always a reward at the end of the long run. Photo by Timothy Chan on Unsplash

Combine the social destruction of the COVID-19 pandemic with the knowledge that healthy people survived contracting this virus much better, and you have a huge void waiting to be filled.

As people worldwide stopped going to the office, visiting with friends at local bars, or meeting up at the local coffee shop, millions looked for something to fill the void.

Many of those millions turned to running. An article on stated that exercise was up 88% and running up 117% during the coronavirus pandemic. “Exercise is up 88% during COVID-19 (12,913 person study).”

Many started running because they gained…

Michael Horner

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