Motivated Mondays

I woke up today feeling like the weekend [starting from Thursday night] really took a toll on my body. Even with a full 7–8 hours of sleep, it felt like I was definitely not in the right mindset to go to work. Calling in sick for the first time since I started my job, I decided to make this a productive day focused on myself.

@ 7:20 AM: (Current Mood: 2 out of 10; Groggy and hating everything)

The weather this morning seemed overcast and I was feeling really groggy. Luckily, the gym is only a few minutes away and I decided to just drink water, head out, and eat breakfast after my workout. I arrived at Horton’s Plaza only to find out that they don’t validate parking until 10 AM. So much for waking up early. No worries, I drove around a little bit and found a metered parking spot that didn’t start charging until 10 AM. There’s always a silver lining to every situation. :) After a full body workout that I ended with an 8 minute cardio cool down, I was feeling refreshed and re-energized.

I parked my car at a lot near my apartment and something caught my eye: A quote hanging from the inside of someone’s car windshield that read “When you love everything you have, you have everything you need”. Although I’m already grateful for my current situation and appreciate everyone close to me in my life, this really made my smile and it really reinforced my gratitude towards the journey of life.

After a PB&J, some Greek yogurt with blueberries, a shower, and a few cups of coffee later, I was finally feeling inspired to get shit done.

@ 11 AM: (Current Mood: 10 out of 10; Energy Level: 100%)

My girlfriend’s sister was visiting us, and we all decided to go to the zoo later on. I read a few short blog posts, wrote down a list of stuff I needed to get done for the week, and wandered aimlessly on social media while they were getting ready.

Once we were all ready to head out…

…it was time start our animal and people watching adventure!

@ 6 PM: (Mood: 9 out of 10; hungry and running out of energy, but overall very happy with how the day went)

After an action packed day filled with good vibes, I took a moment to think about how I was able to turn around a shitty morning into such an amazing and motivating experience. It also made me realize how backwards corporate America is: how the standard for most workplaces is to come in at a set time, even though your mind may not be prepared to do work. This in turn affects the overall well-being of employees, which in turn will lower overall productivity and loyalty for the company.

Although this is an issue for a majority of companies, there are some companies that are more forward thinking and allow their employees more freedom and creativity. However, I don’t see this as the norm anytime soon and thinking about this only reinforced my passion to create a remote lifestyle for myself. All I need is more focus and consistency in building my skill-set to get to that point eventually.

@ 10:30 PM: (Energy Level: 10%, and no longer present mentally.)
It is now sleep time and dreaming of an obtainable reality in the future. :)

zZz zZZ Zzz :) :) :) :) …recharging in progress