How to Read 100 Books in a Year
Srinivas Rao

I read 120 books and 80 short stories a year. I do combine reading and listening. I find that sometimes I start a book (particularly with a new author) I get bogged down. Then when I listen I get back on track. Many times my eyes are tired and I don’t wish to read or watch tv then listening to a book is very relaxing. A couple of tricks really help:

  1. I keep track of books I have read by author. On a separate sheet I keep a list of books by author/title so I can see what I have read in a month. I can see what I have read in order not to duplicate my reading and to see where I am with my goals. I know some would say this is pretty anal but I log them on iPad and it only takes about 30 sec- minute to enter on a spreadsheet. Get about 100 pages into a book that you realize you have already read and you will thank yourself.
  2. I only read and listen to one book at time. I find I finish more books that way. Now, if the book not available on audio, I do read one book and listen to one. I keep an audio book or story on my phone at all times. So if I have dead wait time such as traveling, doctors office, etc I have a book to listen to.
  3. Ps. I generally do not buy audio books. My library happens be exceptional but if you are not so lucky, the here’s some ideas. Check with counties next door to see if they have reciprocal privileges. Some states such as New York and California allow you to join large libraries such as NYC and LA if you are resident of that state. In worst case scenario you can join many libraries as a non-resident for nominal fees ( about $25-65) with Houston and Free Library of Philadephia as two of the better ones. My small county next door allowed me to join a consortium of county libraries as a non-resident for $10. Lastly, iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire all offer options to speak a book by computer voice. It works but I don’t recommend.