Toastr Crowd Funding Platform Project

Venture capital is for all intents and purposes nonexistent in the non-industrialized markets/jurisdictions. Is there a way that ordinary folks can raise the equivalent of venture capital funding? We seem to think so with a “toastr” methodology or social treats.

In the non-industrialized world capital is scarce because savings are scarce. Average incomes are small relative to those in industrialized markets/jurisdictions.

So for the average individual who needs capital there isn’t much in the way of options.

Many individuals appear reluctant to support other individuals with whom they’re not familiar. The Exceptional Insights Group investigated whether a social phenomenon such as treating complete strangers to a social drink could be combined effectively with crowd funding.

What’s Wrong With Current Crowdfunding Models?

The problem with conventional crowd funding. is the fact that the crowd funder has to bring their own crowd. With Toastr that’s not the case, we bring the crowd, the crowd funder brings the campaign.

Thus the Toastr methodology solves the major problem most individuals face in implementing a successful crowd funding campaign, the crowd!

The Toastr methodology enables any individual to crowd fund any life event, be it planned or an emergency. The Exceptional Insights Group intends to incorporate this proprietary methodology into private messaging application to be called the Toastr Club App.

This effort will be initially funded via the sale of Founding memberships. A founding membership shall consist of 24 months of membership in the club for the price of a single month.

What’s Wrong With The Current Economic Sytem?

This is a customer funding process as opposed to a capital or credit funding process. This is important as what we all face today is a global economic system which is dependent on the allocators of credit/capital for its wellbeing. The system is not driven by market demand but by the whims and fancy of these allocators. They decide which ventures get resources and thus which survive or fail.

The allocators of capital have changed the fundamentals of markets. No longer does enterprise react to market demand, capital/credit no longer reacts to the needs of enterprise, in that order. Instead we have credit based fiat capital that goes out and manipulates the minds of market participants/consumers into believing that they need and/or want a particular good or service.


The goods and services pushed upon consumers by the mind benders and the capital/credit allocators that hire them usually have little to no real utility for the consumer, they solve no genuine need, fill no genuine void, that consumer may have. Thus you end up with a false and unsustainable economy.

We intend to change that with the Toastr methodology and we’d like your support! Contact us at if you’d like to become a founding member of the Toastr Crowdfunding Club. Thank you!