Late last year I wrote a review of the Ballet REAL Series which is described as “The World’s First non-electronic multicurrency wallet” aimed at the novice market. The REAL series makes some interesting tradeoffs between security and convenience that has garnered a fair amount of controversy on Crypto Twitter. Personally, I think the tradeoffs are reasonable for certain usecases and storage amounts. For instance, a novice user may be more at risk of messing-up private key generation and secure seed storage on their own. …

Famed Industrial designer Dieter Rams once remarked, “You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people. Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better — because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials.” I think this quote perfectly articulates the present tension that exists between convenience and security in the Crypto space that devices like Ballet Wallet aim to solve for a mainstream audience of novice users.

I was fortunate enough to receive a REAL BITCOIN Ballet Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet review unit last…

In Peter Ryan’s But Who Tho? the author writes:

An AnCap society would function with imperfect consent measuring as similar examples of private property dynamics operate today. When you enter a residence, you tacitly agree to the subjective whim of the private property owner. You may not have consented to eviction from the residence for a snide joke about the property owner’s wife (a cultural norm) but it is well within the right of the property owner to evict you. Now you might ask: “How do we stop the property owner from inflicting harsh and unusual punishment upon the accused…

On today’s episode we’re joined by noted Bitcoin critic and author of the book “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain” David Gerard.

This episode is brought to you by the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. The non-profit founded in 2013 runs the 4th biggest Bitcoin Meetup group with over 7000 members. Learn more at:

I was honoured to recently receive a review unit of BitPiggy, a modern twist on the classic piggybank. The BitPiggy does actually function as a traditional piggybank with coin slot on-top and removable snout to extract coins, but it also integrates Bitcoin donations in a novel way: through use of an Opendime.

Amaury Séchet is concerned with Mike’s ability to multitask while driving given his track record. Then we’re joined by Robin Hanson author of “The Elephant in the Brain” to talk about elephants. Yes, it’s a book about elephants. This episode sponsored by Decred!

The 2018 Season Finale of Bitcoin Car Talk is an absolute killer — literally! Host Mikeinspace is a hunted man, on the run from supporters of Bitcoin economic commentator and rival Saifedean Ammous. As an innocent Canadian lost in a world of heavily armed American crypto-anarchists, lawyers and cam girls, can Mike survive? Watch the episode to find out.

Excerpt from Bitsonline

Kiara Robles joins us to discuss the “Pepper Spray Incident” at UC Berkeley while Michael Tidwell reaches a fork in the road on his journey. Will he #PullTheLatch? By the way, animation is expensive, yo!

The legendary Dr. Richard Stallman of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation joins us today to tackle what is meant by “free as in beer” …or something. Turns out it wasn’t what I had in mind.

Rodolfo gives Mike a crash-course on setting-up Coldcard, with predictable results. Then we’re joined by Vin Armani, the CTO of CoinText to discuss Matriarchal systems as they relate to Decentralized networks. Also, Mike finds his true calling as a man-whore.


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