It’s Time to Impeach Donald Trump

Although there are mountains of circumstantial evidence publicly available to demonstrate clear ties between Trump and Russia, as yet, there is no publicly available proof of conspiracy to coordinate to help Trump get elected to the White House. Based on the reporting of independent journalists, such evidence does exist under lock and key, but for now it doesn’t exist for public consumption, and as I write this, no indictments have been handed down either. Thus, there is a small thread on which people can claim there is nothing of consequence to the Trump-Russia connection, and that Trump should be left alone as a result.

However, there can now be zero doubt, based on actions taken and statements made by Donald Trump, that he has obstructed justice trying to stop investigations involving him, and in so doing has committed high crimes and misdemeanors that anyone who is intellectually honest must admit should initiate Articles of Impeachment.

The President has:

  1. Fired Acting AG Sally Yates for telling him news he didn’t want to hear about his compromised National Security Advisor
  2. Claimed former President Obama wiretapped him
  3. Orchestrated the Devin Nunes fiasco
  4. Fired FBI Director James Comey under false pretenses
  5. Admitted to firing the FBI Director because he didn’t agree with an investigation
  6. Threatened the fired FBI director to keep quiet about what he discussed with the President

Whether you believe there is anything nefarious to the Trump-Russia connections or you don’t, if you believe in the rule of law, and the Constitution of the United States, no matter what your political bent is, you simply have no credibility unless you call for the President to be impeached ASAP.

How can we have a President who acts above the law? How can we have a President who intimidates those who would question his law breaking? We don’t even have proof that he broke laws related to his Russian connections, yet he is absolutely breaking laws in plain sight by obstructing justice.

There is nothing left to say. You with believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, or you support tyranny and authoritarianism. As it stands right now, the GOP is embracing tyranny and authoritarianism until they take steps to impeach Donald Trump. It is as simple as that.

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