Attack of the Clones

About ten years ago, my brother made a status update on Myspace (you know, that ‘other social network’ that pre-dated FB) that resonated with me. It went something like this:

“I wish I could clone myself and take over the world”.

The inside joke was that my brother happens to be my identical twin, so in essence — he does have a natural “clone” of himself; and in theory at least — there would be nothing stopping the two of us from partnering together to ‘take over the world’.

Later, in 2007 I discovered the movie called “The Secret”. I was fired up and wanted to learn more about how it all worked; so I hopped onto the internet and paid Google a visit.

Sure enough, I found something called “The Masters of The Secret” with Bill Harris. In exchange for an email address, I would get weekly audios for a period of 7–8 weeks, each expanding on the concepts behind the movie that was getting everyone excited about the possibilities of ‘sending their intention out to the universe’.

Each week Bill had an interview with an expert from The Secret and instilled his own bits of wisdom while subtly positioning his own company and product in there. He ended each episode with a call to action to get a free disc shipped out to you.

I ended up taking him up on the offer to experience the wondrous effects of being able to “meditate like a zen master”. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but seemed like it should be a good thing.

Bill had indoctrinated me with his content and set himself up as the designated authority…but what I remember best is what happens after signing up for the free disc.

The tone of the emails became more and more salesy; having successfully solicited first my email and then my mailing address, Bill was now pushing for the sale. As I recall, the cost was several hundred dollars.

At one point, he “gives up” (if you don’t take him up on the offer — which I didn’t) and says that he’ll check back with me in 90 days to see if i had made any progress by >NOT< buying his product…

…sure enough, on day 90… like clockwork, I get an email from Bill Harris.

What was this voodoo?

Someone as important as Bill certainly couldn’t have been personally planning to contact me in 90 days?

…and while the communications seemed sincere and personal, I had the feeling that something more was going on.

Little did I know (at the time) that I was signed up to a thing called an “autoresponder”.

You could write emails in advance and tell the software “when” to deliver them while personalizing the emails to appear to be sent from you.

It seemed pretty magical and I was intrigued about getting an autoresponder account for myself, but they all cost money back then and I was in 110% bootstrap mode. The autoresponder and experiments would have to wait…

Within a few months of that experience, I was digesting everything I could get my hands on about online marketing and “making money online”.

I eventually stumbled onto the I Love Marketing podcast with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish.

One of Joe’s mantras was to “can and clone” yourself — in this case he was recommending having an automated phone message that could help generate sales for a small business.

….again with the clone thing!

I loved the automated part of this — the idea that you could set this machine….this “robot” up once, and have it working for you 24/7–365 days a year.

To again borrow from Mr. Polish — these robots wouldn’t ever call in “sick”, arrive at work with a hangover, get in a fight with their wife, be sleep deprived and generally unproductive — they would operate with 100% precision (assuming that you in fact set them up correctly in the first place).

So why am I sharing these random experiences from my past? Because they helped form my interest in all things “automation”.

At the time, only rudimentary options were available to the general public and most of all of them cost more than I was willing to spend.

Today however, there are zero excuses. You can have automated “robots” working for you day and night (for as little as 30 cents a day).

A decade after my brother’s statement on Myspace, can you afford NOT to have a robotic clone of yourself that is dedicated to helping you “take over the world”?

Even if the only thing you’ve ever automated was your “Out of Office” reply while on vacation, there is a case to be made to embrace automation and get it working for you today.

It has never been easier, more affordable or more beneficial to have automation in your life.

And (at the risk of sounding like an alarmist), those who don’t embrace automation better hope that their competition isn’t either.

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