Career Tips for Anti-Socials

Ah, the musings of introverted youth! Funny article, and you had several passages that caused me to think about my own career path.

Luckily, I decided rather early on (at 31!) to go the creative route. Not creative as a greeting-card illustrator or maker of really boss macrame plant hangers you can buy at my craft sale, but television post-production creative. Where I still got to play with big stereo systems and even bigger tape machines, and especially in the early part of my apprenticeship was mostly required to hang out in tape rooms and wait for instructions. I still remember the heady aroma of ozone and xylene as I listened to the editor barely suppress a groan when the client asked “Could you move that edit three frames?”

Like pretty much everything in life, it gets better. Though for those of you in sales and marketing, I’m not sure…

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