Found on my street: a photo project documenting 100 items of litter on Alexandra Road, Cardiff.

Since the beginning of 2017 I’ve picked up 100 items of litter on my street and documented them all with an iphone. The items below were mostly found within 20 metres of my front door. I started this project to notice more closely the rubbish I see on the street and in the process I noted the patterns about the items I found.

  1. Food. Many were snack or fast food items, such as drinks cans, coffee cups, sweet wrappers, or plastic forks.
  2. Smoking. A lot of items were related to smoking, such as cigarettes butts and boxes. These are always around if you look for them.
  3. Accidents. Many items must have fallen from cars or pockets or from black bags. I found a pregnancy test stick, usb cables, an empty bottle of Hennesy Whisky, some paper with notes, a bag of oven chips, and a plastic container for ham.

3. Gambling and bingo. There were a lot of scratch cards, and bingo cards, obviously none of them were winners.

4. Random things. There were occassionally unusual items to be seen like a football, bike lock, make-up brush, sandpaper, clothes hanger and a heart shaped sweet.

5. Materials. Almost all the items were made from either plastic, aluminium, or paper/card. Many couldn’t be recycled in household recycling in Cardiff because they just hadn’t been designed for easy recycling. Chocolate bar wrappers and crisp bags have aluminium foil fused with plastic, cigarettes contain filters which don’t biodegrade, coffee cups are also card fused with plastic and can’t be recycled. A lot however could be recycled and instead were found on the pavement, or in the road on Alexandra Road.

I kept a more detailed record of all these items on instagram here:

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