Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (Updated)
Sara Benincasa

“I want a voluntary federal buyback program for firearms, with hunting weapons and vintage/historic weapons exempt.”

Sara, you have the best of intentions, but I am afraid this won’t do anything to end gun violence. Let us for a moment grant your desire. The federal governemnt initates a VOLUNTARY program to buyback all firearms except hunting weapons and vintage/historic weapons.

#1. You don’t want to sell your guns to the Govt. and so you don’t. It is voluntary so you are not required to do it.

#2 Even if you used special magical pixie dust and every gun owner in America unexplicably turned their guns in, EXCEPT for their hunting rifles, it wouldn’t end gun violence. I grant you that if there are less guns in the country, there should be less gun violence. Hunting Rifles, in the hands of people who know how to use them, could murder large crowds. So if someone wanted to do that, they would just buy some hunting rifles.

Everytime we talk about taking guns away, gun sales surge. More and more people buy them. When are you going to figure out that talking about making it harder to buy guns is intrepreted as “they are going to take our guns away” and more guns end up on the street.

The answer HAS to lie elsewhere, because this tactic is not working at all.