Simmons has yet to play a single minute of NBA basketball, and you’re already saying he’s a better…
Conor Voigt

Stats, right your a stats guy. OK here’s one, Simmons averaged 4.8 assists in college while Griffin averaged 1.8.

How about some analysis from draft express? Simmons half court strengths are “his tremendous ball-handling and passing ability… one of only five players to average over 5 assists per 40 minutes…”

Griffin on the other hand had a face up game that was “still in progress” and a handle that was “not very tight to begin with.”

Is Griffin better now? Of course, he’s a great player. I’m not debating that.

And yes you can find great videos of him handling the ball. You can also find great ones of him turning the ball over while dribbling it between his legs (game 2 vs spurs in 2015) or turning it over 7 times vs Warriors.

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