Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters

President Donald Trump was given control over the POTUS Twitter handle on inauguration day, but has chosen to continue tweeting from his personal account. When I noticed how transparent he was being with his tweets, I decided to enable alerts, so that I would be notified each time he sends a tweet.

The first thing I noticed was that many others have enabled alerts as well, and always try to be one of the first to reply to the Presidents’ tweets. The second thing I noticed was that the vast majority of these tweets are very negative and very critical of the President.

I decided to start replying with my own, pro Trump tweets. The first time I did it, I got a fairly large amount of support (by my meager standards) and was thrilled to see replies, retweets, and favorites trickle in over the next few days.

I noticed something else interesting. The (anti-Trump) tweet that I replied to was deleted once mine started outpacing it in number of favorites and retweets. It was interesting to observe that once that tweet was deleted, mine stopped being interacted with. That’s because my tweet was no longer part of any “thread” in the conversation. Not a surprise, and nothing unusual about that. The only people who would see my comment are those who follow me already, which is a small number.

Over the past few days, I have continued to reply directly to the President, voicing my support of his policies and ideas. However, I have found that while initially, for about the first minute or so, I get a flood of reactions and notifications. Favorites, retweets, etc, and then they abruptly stop, because my tweets are being manually removed from the main conversation thread. Case in point:

This reply stands alone. Not part of any thread, even though the President never deleted his original tweet

The above reply received 27 favorites within seconds of being posted, and then all activity on it stopped. When I click on it, I see that it is not part of any thread. When people view President Trump’s original tweet, mine will not be visible, no matter how far they scroll down.

This tweet has been removed from the main thread and is not visible when people view President Trump’s original tweet.

Let’s compare that with what happens when we look at an anti-Trump reply.

This tweet is still a part of the main thread, and is visible to people viewing President Trump’s original tweet

Every single Tweet by President Trump has top comments that are 100% negative. Positive replies are simply not seen. Twitter is absolutely censoring Pro-Trump replies and Trump supporters from voicing their support of the President.

I’m not sure what can be done about this if anything. It’s sad that the President is being slammed by Twitter, an organization that he is helping stay relevant.

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