Mike Kennedy
Jul 11, 2017 · 3 min read

A rock solid couple of days pedalling through northern Ontario! Nice tailwinds and the return of hills has added some great variety to the ride.

The past couple hundred Kms have been along the smooth payment of Highway 17 (save for a 10km stretch just outside of Dryden that was under construction and resulted in a bit of dirt inhalation as trucks passed – not sure where that fits into the diet). Services are few and far between in this part of the country, often with as much as 70km between gas stations. I’m well stocked with goodies and water, and make sure to fuel up on ice cream at every opportunity (safety first). The shoulder situation is best described as “thin” in this neck of the woods. From the lush 6 foot paved shoulders of the Prairies to a foot wide paved strip along most parts of the road here. Cars and trucks are normally very considerate in offering a wide berth; however, it can definitely be unnerving at times as transports whiz by at top speed. I’m acutely aware that a bike won’t win in a fight with a motor vehicle, and so am fine with a retreat to the gravel shoulder if I feel unsafe. Overall, to date, Ive felt very safe, except when I encountered this prehistoric dinosaur turtle yesterday:

approximate size: 1XXL pizza (my new measurement system)

Spotted bear #3 today having a snack beside the road.

The past two days have been quiet, a good chance to get in touch with my head and heart. When I hit a mental lull, I spend time visualizing the finish: crossing the bridge bike path into Halifax, dipping my front tire into the water at Point Pleasant Park, maybe a sandwich, and getting teary eyed at the the thought of the first time I see Beth’s smile.

What big idea or dream could you benefit from spending a few minutes visualizing?

It’s so nice to have time to think, daydream and appreciate this big beautiful country (and scheme on its future a bit).

Feeling incredibly grateful.

Here is where I woke up on July 12th, 2017:

Not bad, eh?

Take of the Tape:

  • Camp coffee (yum)!
  • Camp instant oatmeal
  • Gatorade
  • Muscle milk
  • No Coke (today!)
  • Dried fruit bars
  • Nuts
  • Dates
  • Dehydrated bananas
  • Lasagna and garlic bread
  • A Reuben sandwich
  • Cheddar broccoli soup
  • Sesame snaps
  • A chicken bacon ranch sub
  • A delicious Canada 150 sugar cookie (thanks Joanne!)
  • One bite brownies
  • Salted caramel ice cream bar

Mike Kennedy

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Pedalling coast to coast.

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