Setting Forth

A pretty great day yesterday! Soaring over the Rockies (and Ontario and the Prairies) it occurred to me that, oh crap, I’m going to have to bike over that. Pretty excited to get started.

Got a few funny gazes as I assembled my luggage at the airport, leading to great conversations and advice (thanks Brett!) on everything from tire pressure to places to stay. Assembly took less than an hour, then it was off (via bike paths!) from the airport to downtown to cruise Stanley Park and fuel up at Granville Market.

Leaving Vancouver bright and early this morning after wonderful day biking around the city and catching up with my Acadia friend Diana!

If you are keen, please consider a small investment in helping youth develop stronger coping mechanisms early in life. It has been my experience that “mental illness”, when harnessed, can be a super power. These bikes aren’t a panacea, but they are a great tool for teaching coping skills early in life. In a world that is transforming daily in front of our eyes, resilience skills will be crucial for all generations. And who wouldn’t want to hop on a bike for a few minutes!

Off to Hope, BC today…. About 170km!

A HUGE thanks to Diana for the hospitality in Vancouver.

Make it a great day!