Upsala, ON to Shunian, ON (160ish with 180km+ of pedalling)

Today was my first brush with rain. After a great late lunch with a Kate, Brian and Jodi, fellow road warriors making the trek back to the East Coast, the skies opened up and I decided to press on through Thunder Bay. 50km later, I was soaked, and decided to back track 15km to find a dry place to stay. Silly, unnecessary effort stemming from being a stubborn bugger. :) I got as far as the lamented Sault Saint Marie 664 sign – the loneliest sign in cycling. :) encouraging texts and notes are much appreciated over the next couple of days.

Back on the road today with more showers looming and a better attitude after a good nights sleep. No bad weather only bad attitudes :)

Make it a great day!

Pretty nice view to start the day.
Met up with this Nova Scotia bound crew to trade stories, check in on what hurts, and some awesome vegetarian food in Thunder Bay!

Current body status

  • Arse – pretty sore, but less than you’d think (won’t go into more detail) ;)
  • Hands – carpal tunnelled quite a bit – tried to pick up the guitar in the photo above and play and couldn’t
  • Legs – little rubbery, but otherwise good
  • Back – pretty good, a bit sore from hunkering down in the rain yesterday
  • Beard – 7/11 lumberjacks (getting some serious salt and pepper – must be getting old!)
  • Heart – pretty full
  • Mind – saneish:) haven’t started talking to trees yet, but am definitely doing some open road karaoke