Years ago, this Turkish guy met a Japanese woman — they quickly became friends and, in spite of the long distance between the two, continued to connect.

At some point, they decided to make a go of it in terms of dating — the guy was still living in Turkey at the time, but he knew that in order to really make the relationship work, he’d have to move to Japan.

He eventually did, and as their relationship continued to grow, they soon fell in love.

One day, they decided that they wanted to get married — after all, they’d…

Over the past few years, I’d invested over $10,000 in various different dating-related programs, coaches, and trainings and, yet, I had now found myself feeling lonelier than ever.

The experiment was — what would it be like to have all of the amazing relationships I could ever hope for with a bunch of amazing women all around the world.

In order to help realize that, I hired a dating coach that I’d initially invested about $1500 in; I then took a retreat that I’d invested another $3500 in; then I took a bunch of different courses, each of which ranged…

Most of my ideas and feeling towards money, I got from my grandpa.

Despite years and years of hard work and essentially no longer needing to worry about money upon his retirement after running a successful radio-repair business for years — a self-proclaimed, poor boy from The Bronx — seemed to never take his mind off of it.

He was the type of person who’d always worried that he was one missed payment away from bankruptcy.

Any minor expense or luxury always felt excessive to him and, as a result, he rarely ever enjoyed everything.

Except for one thing: charity.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Every night, I would wait in our living room, eagerly anticipating the ‘garage door’ sound that would signal the arrival of my Dad.

For the longest time — I think for the first 13 or 14 years of my life — we had a great relationship.

And so, I’d wait for that sound, hear it, and spring downstairs in order to give him a big, ‘ol hug.

It was one of my favorite moments throughout the day, and I’m sure his.

Sometimes, he’d sneak into my room late at night and tell me, “Don’t tell mom!” …

They had just wrapped up a “sales” call that I was listening to and I sat there with a shit-eating grin on my face, as their meeting stretched over an hour, and ended with an inconclusive, “So, let’s connect again next week and talk about more ideas.”

This was not a lead for them.

To label it generously would be to call it a distraction.

To label it accurately would be to call it a complete waste of time.

And so, after they had finished that call and we’d started ours — an hour-plus of their time, which was then…

I was sitting at a soup dumpling restaurant the other night, quietly journaling at a table when a couple sat down next to me and started engaging in rapid-fire conversation about what I assume had happened during their day but I don’t know I barely speak Japanese.

Judging by their comfort with one another, it appears that they’d been dating for a while.

The male who sat down next to me immediately caught my attention, because he was much bigger than most Japanese men typically are — not fat, mind you.

Like a cinderblock.

Within moments of them sitting down…

The first time I’d ever seriously started to learn about making money, I was in my early-teens.

My grandpa had a radio-supply store that built and refurbished old radios, and he resold them all around the New York Metropolitan area, often making the deliveries himself.

His favorite joke — something that’d he repeated dozens of times — was, “How do you say I’m broke in Italian?”



Queue: laughter.

One day, he asked me if I wanted to purchase some radios off of him — “I’ll sell them to you for $20 each,” he said.

That was a lot…

My friend’s text read, “they didn’t have any flights available — I’ll have to catch another flight tomorrow, if I can.”

Shit! I thought to myself.

And so, I would now be stuck in a foreign country — the Netherlands — in an unfamiliar city — Amsterdam — spending time in a hostel completely by myself and without any friends to accompany me in this insane journey.

I couldn’t sleep that first night — I felt so completely out of my element that I thought I might die.

My assumption was that nobody would want to talk to me because…

When I stopped drinking, I started smoking more pot.

When my friend asked me why, I just said, “Well, I couldn’t eliminate all of my vices,” and she laughed.

Here in Japan, I have limited access to the Internet in my current AirBnB, no social media, and spend very little time using Netflix.

So, the question I first started to ask myself when I started simply staring off into the distance during long breaks in my day to think, was, “what the f**k do I do with all of this free time?

Since crack isn’t really an option here in…

Guess which of these three videos raised the least amount of money

Video #1 — One of my earliest ‘client’ projects (totally unpaid) for a non-profit where I actually used lighting for the first time, and generally had proper framing and a somewhat decent background and somewhat of a script.

Video #2 — Probably my first “Client” project — the video was shot using a crappy microphone in a room that was way too echoey, poorly edited and color-corrected, had no real script going into the video, and mostly just patched together at the last-minute. …

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