How to Flirt with a Woman Wearing Headphones? (Hint: Don’t)
Charlotte Clymer

Your definition of ‘harassment’ is pretty fast and loose. I’d argue that communicating with strangers (which, that’s what this is) is an essential part of human existence.

Obviously, if someone’s body language screams DON’T TALK TO ME — i.e. headphones in, book buried in their face and running around Central Park — don’t do it. Got it. Common sense should tell most people to avoid these interactions.

But to label some of these interactions as harassing strangers is a bit of a stretch.

(Sidenote: the number of times I’ve gotten a number/laid from a one-off interaction with a complete stranger is approximately zero. No, yeah, it’s zero.)

I still talk to strangers. It’s fun. If somebody doesn’t want to talk to me, it’s plainly obvious and I’m happy to go along my merry way and never the least bit offended.

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