Ideal Employment

Looking for a new job sucks. You search, review, and read countless job postings — usually with bulleted lists of requirements. Often, you can’t tell what the atmosphere and culture consists of. You don’t know the goals of the owners, current employees or the company itself. Only after applying, and having spent the time with a phone or in person interview, do you have a chance to understand if this company shares your values and employment ideals.

What if there was a way to cut through this? A way to show companies what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently? This was a topic that came up in conversation the other day that lead me to create an Ideal Employment gist template.

The template consists of qualities you want to see in the company, a brief one liner of who you are, what you want from your work, how you prefer to work, how you want your week (or time) structured, and the benefits you’re searching for. This basic criteria quickly allows a potential employer to discover if the relationship could be a good fit. It gives you a baseline to quantify potential employers by, saves you both time, and helps set yourself apart from other candidates.

Please feel free to fork, modify, use and share the gist to meet your own needs!