Fitbit has the greatest customer service

Last year my dad bought me a Fitbit Flex as he and I both started running and working out more. After a year of using it, I’d recommend the Flex, but even more, I’d recommend the company.

Over the year I’ve beat the crap out of my Fitbit. Maybe the Flex bands aren’t the strongest thing in the world, but I’ve torn my way through a few of them.

I’m probably beating up on them too much or fiddling with it too much, but every time I’ve had an issue, Fitbit sent me a free band.

No shipping cost, no harassing me for breaking things, or asking for proof of purchase, just quick response and fast shipping. But this week, they really topped themselves.

Early on Monday, I was having issues syncing the app and my Flex. I was in a very competitive Work Week step challenge and was getting no credit for runs with the dog or stomping around D.C.

I tweeted at Fitbit, they walked me through a few debugging steps, but unfortunately, nothing worked. At this point I was wondering what the “Oh man that sucks you’re out of luck” email was going to look like, but it never came.

The next email popped into my inbox simply asking for my address and preferred color for a replacement. Fitbit decided just to ship me the $100 tracker rather than tell me to buy a new one.

There are a ton of step tracking fitness bands out there, but with customer service like this I find it really hard to suggest anything else.

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