HPRP: Homeless Persons Representation Project, Inc.

One of the local organizations I found in Baltimore, Maryland is called HPRP. Here is there website: http://hprplaw.org/

  • What the organization does is to focus on ending Maryland homelessness.
  • The website explains that, “ HPRP’s mission is to end homelessness in Maryland by providing free legal services, including advice, counsel, education, representation and advocacy, for low-income persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness” (HPRP).
  • The organization reaches out to shelters, soup kitchens, welfare offices, and community centers to help HPRP end homelessness (HPRP).

I believe my involvement in this organization can definitely lessen the global divide of social classes. The way HPRP provides all of these benefits to the low income individuals and families is very helpful and it shows that the organization truly cares. Focusing on making their lives easier by giving them access to food, good health, shelter, and other benefits. I can see myself working with people in this organization that care about the homeless and wanting to help them. The HRPR’s mission to end homelessness in Maryland is a great step in today’s society, for this organization brings people together, no matter what social class they are in, to help one another and build each other up.

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