Bernie Sanders is Tonya Harding. I Can’t Vote for Tonya Harding.
Mitch Lerner

You show what a real idiot YOU ARE !! FIRST : By comparing Bernie and Hillary to this ice skating drama ???

Hillary is NO Nancy Karington.. Hillary is a lying, cheating , war monger who has so much scandal and drama surrounding her !! To compare Bernie to Tata Harding … ?? has to be the most ass hole statement …sounds just like a Donald Trump mentality !

How fucking stupid are you ??? If you want to go there …compare all the folks who have died that were connected to Hillary …and those connected to Bernie Sanders ?? Who has broken more knee caps ??? Hillary is the soul person who created her Own scandal and her political record is right there to see !! It speaks for itself !!

Bernie has beaten Trump in all the General polls …and as soon as people started to point this out the news media stopped reporting it !! How stupid do these political propaganda pushers thing the American public is ???

Looking at your post …pretty stupid !! You sure have drank their kool-aid !! Also ..fuck the DNC !! They are a dictatorship political party ..with Debbie Schultz as their “Maddamn” .. Beware those who assume they have the right to steal away the rights of the poor and disadvantaged !! The DNC will not survive the political backlash from their actions should they continue to cheat the members of their party ! They have created quite a mess !!