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Why I Deleted Facebook and Have No Plans to Come Back

How Facebook Killed The Human Connection

I just couldnt take it anymore. I use to like seeing what all my…

Straight Cash Homie

Free Agency is about money, not loyalty.

The start of the NFL Free Agency period has been insane. I have watched game changing players get traded…

What It Means To Be A Veteran Today

Far too often, the veteran transition is focused on readjusting to the civilian world. The focus should be on veterans defining…

The Beginning of the End for The NFL?

The NFL is innovative. In terms of revolutionizing industries, they are up there with Google and Apple. They continue to look for ways to improve the…

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Eat. Sleep. Football. Repeat.

The other side of a generation.

You Can’t Make It Up

Defense Still Wins Championships

This Sunday will feature the Final Four of the NFL. Two teams, Packers and Patriots represent traditional powers with multiple Super Bowl Championships and…

Resolutions Are Outdated…

It’s the same thing every year. You wake up on New Year’s Day ready to start that long overdue juice cleanse or venturing down the harrowing path of reading 100…

Peace and the Ongoing Battle of My War

The long road back from war took more than coming home. It took embracing I was there.

How I Found Peace After War

When I came home from the Marines in 2006, I knew I had changed. My reactions to the violence of Iraq coupled with multiple near death experiences caused an immense amount of pain in…

The Safe Zone: It Will Kill Your Ideas and Dreams

Why do we fear risk? What keeps us from living out the things we want most?

Meet The New VA…Same As The Old One.

Veterans continue to wish for change but Shinseki’s administration has forgotten their mission.

The Man Who Still Lives In The Past

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling represents all that is wrong in 2014

A Chance On The Road Less Traveled

Out of my “comfort zone” is my fear. It also brings me peace.

I hate being uncomfortable. I hate it more than anything…