Habits Can Make You Stupid And Then Kill You
James Altucher

Ok but habits are also useful in terms of saving time not having to work out how to do something or to find something or doing something new.

My rule is to make habits out of “admin tasks” as much as possible, exactly so that it feels like no time has passed when doing them, and also so it doesn’t mean something messes up.

So for example, doing your accounts at roughly the same time, automating tasks, leaving your wallet/keys in the same place, keeping important documents in eactly the same place, even things like hygiene: cutting your nails in the same pattern, washing in the same sequence. These routines save you time and leave your mind free to listen to the podcast or daydream or whatever, and mean you don’t have to think about them.

And I wish I had ever reached the point where push-ups became a useless habit, lol, I don’t think I have ever managed more than 10 in a series in my entire life, and there have been some periods where I would struggle to even manage one!

But other than that, general point accepted — have fun, and don’t become a slave to your routines (which apparently is an indicator for alzheimers), and enjoy :)

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