I Accidentally Found Love Because of Game of Thrones and Tumblr

June 2011 I finished watching the first season of HBO’s, Game of Thrones. I promptly went to my tumblr blog and wrote about it. I raved and raved about this epic fantasy show. Got a few likes and a follower or two.

One of these followers kept liking my posts so I followed her back but we didn’t really talk. It was January 2012 when someone sent her an anonymous question saying “If you could date anyone on Tumblr, who would it be?” She had seen that I was online and said “Mike, because I know he’ll see this.”

Challenge Accepted

I first asked her about herself, what it means to be Latvian and what language is spoke there? She probably thought “dumb American.” They speak Latvian in Latvia. English is actually her third language and sometimes is still better than mine.

It was a few months of Skype dates and just saying hi before it got weird. Weird in a good way. Weird like, hi you’re my soul mate and I need to date you.

I worked a twilight shift and she had normal hours so she would sleep while I worked and I slept while she worked. This left us a few hours a day where we could actually have quality time together. Albeit on Skype.

During this time we started watching Game of Thrones season 2 together. Sending each other gifts, letters, and gifts to each other’s family until about September 2012 and I kind of gave her an ultimatum. “we see each other or stop talking so much” because we were getting so invested into each other’s lives we had to some how take the next step.

We decided she would come visit me in the U.S. I paid for a 2.5 month visit and she moved in like we had been dating for years. If you’re following the time line at this point she’s seen over a year of my personality.

On Dec 17th, 2012, Z flew to the USA for the very first time, actually her first time on an airplane. She came and stayed with me in my 650 sqft apartment. It was surprisingly easy and we got along great. She met tons of my friends and my family. We stayed with my family for a few days and we had a Christmas party with friends. Then the next two months was Z and I learning about each other more than we ever could online.

Before she left March 5th 2013 we had the most informal talk. “So, what are we doing after?” Her, “I’ll come back. For good.” Me, “ok, we’ll start the paperwork.” This might not sound romantic but in a way this is as romantic as immigration and love get most the time.”

This Part Was Hard!

So she left and I saved money to file for a fiancee visa. Once filed it took about 8 months for it to get processed. This was hard on us as a couple. Never in my life have I wanted time to move by so quick.

Struggling with the distance, tight finances, and changes in schedules and work were weighing on us. We fought through it without fighting each other. In the end it really only strengthened us together. As it got closer to when she could fly back things got easier.

The Best Part

Z flew back February 18th, 2014 to stay with me for good. We got married March 3rd, 2014 it’s been phenomenal. Two and a half years later and we’re still as happy as ever.

Edit: Three and a half years later and she still likes me!