200 Words From An Empty Classroom

I don’t mind that no one came to this optional meeting/office hour. Now I have a chance to educate myself on the day and what I want. How about that? I, actually get to be a student, go over what I’ve learned from myself this semester. Have always said that “professors” should consider themselves students of their own room, and see their students as colleagues. So I go over what I’ve learned. One, I’ve learned to be more of a student — take notes, explore, do research, read certain passages over and over. Two, love my work. Three, BE OPEN.

Looking out at the empty seats, I think of where I am in my teaching life. I never say “career”, as that implies ‘beginning and end’. I’m inspired this morning, and not in some banal way. I’m pushed to live my life as a student more, and to let everything in — all questions and answers, all scene, all opinions and assessments. This quiet is addictive, and what passes through my head is even more pleasurably imprisoning. Notebooks out, atop my backpack. I look at them between types. Me, a student. Again and forever and I wish I could spend the whole day in here like this but.. life.

What if I make this my life?