Always Coming Back To Education

Everything for me will be education. It’s self-propelling, motivating. Educating myself, being educated from what’s around me and who’s around, even things I’ve done. It’s all connected, in life, I’m finding at my old age. Everything is pedagogical. There are gems in all standalone moments. “Each moment is a standalone piece.” I always share with students. And I’ve only found it to be more and more true as I’ve aged.

Just met with students, their third-to-last day this Summer Semester, to go over paper/presentation topics and what direction they should take them, or what they may want to add… that meeting that all teachers have with students just days before a final project is due (especially in Summer). And for many of them, I just said “Education”, or “Educate us.” Tell us what you’ve learned, and share your findings, your research.. teach us what you’ve learned, or simply share it with us. In presenting their positions with this final project, they are educating us as they’ve been educated through their gathering of articles, studies, stats, etc.

This may just be a step beyond mussitation, this article, but it’s something I want people to know about me. I’m always, hopefully, going to be associated with education, the act of educating, and how my style of educating is merely a sharing of ideas. Something inviting and gentle, encouraging and impassioned. I’m learning from this Summer that we’re all beginners. Everyday is a new class, a new and rich meeting between you and all scenic constituents surrounding you. Or maybe I am just murmuring, mumbling aloud, but I have to say it — Everything is educating. I want to continue in my education so I can be more efficacious an educator.

Alone in a conference room in Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Junior College, as I many times do after class. It’s Summer, the final week, and you be assured that I’m the only one on this floor, and perhaps in the building. The quiet itself is educating. How? To enjoy quiet, time to self, utilize it… don’t waste your time on your phone, or just sitting there, looking at the clock — And anyone knowing me knows I never do that, ever. This quiet educates me on my life, where I am, where I’m going, and that I can have anything I want if I plan more, utilize my time with astonishing deftness.

Am I “educated”? One answer would be, “Yes.” The other would be something to tunes of ‘I’m in the process of’, or ‘I am but I want more education’. And, nodding at latter, why wouldn’t you crave education, knowledge, finding not so much answers but new ideas. I tell people, I’ve read Kerouac’s On The Road probably fifty or more times. Each read shows me something new, makes me consider some aspect of my story differently. I’m the act of educating, being educated, education. Hope I’m associated with such. I love students, as they are MY kind. We mirror each other in our pursuits. The notes compile, reaching altitudes self-motivating.