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If you have a business, you need sales. You need to sell. You need to teach and re-teach yourself HOW to sell. That’s just the nucleus of business, as I’ve seen it. Creativity in selling gives way to more sales. “Okay, so what does that mean?” It’s beyond words. It’s practice. It’s actuation. You become the embodiment of the embodiment of what you sell, of your business. When I was younger, I mean really young — like 10 or 11, or maybe even younger — I arranged all my baseball cards in a room of our then-house and pretended it was a shop. I had no intention of selling, but I had the cards and sets of cards placed in a shop-like formation. I used to pretend to sell them, but never did. I wonder what I would have done to sell them, had I actually wanted to. How would I have attracted customers? How would I have spread the word about my card peddling? I was young, lived at home, didn’t really need the sales so I enjoy the comfort of ‘the pretend’.

Now, an adult, building a business, I’m learning as I go. I’ve taught myself the HOW…. I sell by educating, conversation. Truth. Sales will precipitate if your product or service is framed and explained truthfully. No embellishing. Just ‘tell it how it is’, as they say. Learning as I go, is another thing…. I love that I’m just starting at age 38. I’m a student again. I’m the teacher and student, with kids to feed. So now, I have worlds of intention to do nothing BUT sell. So I need to be bizarrely dedicated to what I’m selling and how I narrate my product, service, anything. It’s the same as the mock card shop…. Just play, be creative and have fun while understanding you have a job to do — SELL.

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