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…one time years ago at a Cabernet and Cab Franc tasting in Napa, Crocker & Starr, I described one of the CF vintages as gothic, vampiric, haunting and pursuing. The guy I went with, a then-manager, general manager I think, at the wine “marketing” “firm” where I was working. Hardly a marketing place, and not anything what anyone imagines a firm to be. I called it the box. ’Cause it was a box, and box was in the name. Anyway, that tasting, which spanned something like eight or more vintages, for both varietals, showed me what new wine, wines, does to a writer like me. So, I need more. Not to drink, or even so much repeatedly taste. To write. If I can’t travel, yet, physically, then I can travel around winery to winery, bottle to bottle, character to character.

Tomorrow at Lancaster. I’m familiar with everything there, and feel self getting a bit bored with the characters in bottle. Last week a friend brought that DuMol which was a relief, maybe tomorrow I should bring something. Pretty sure someone else will bring something. Yes… assigning to self. Stop at store on way home from office. One white, one red. Not sure of varietals now, but what I’m after, what we should all be after when thinking wine and if we really do want to better know the character of wine principally, and immediately with the singular bottle in front of us, then we need be pursuers. Act as authors. Take the story into our own hands. And again only now do I appreciate that, post-40 turn. Wine hovers above my hands and keyboard, like an angel or antagonizing phantasm…. She’s dynamic and diverse, and charming indecisive with her eagerness to provide varietal identity and the atmosphere of the vineyard blocks.

The wine industry need play more. Not so much this game with me and description, but be more of something people that work in the valleys agree with. No more constriction and enforcement. Not with liquor laws, I’m talking about the veritable work environment, where people come day after day. Honestly, I don’t think I could go back to the wine industry full-time, even something happened to current assignment at Sonic or with one of my other projects. I can only write wine and her industry. Shame that such is the current ebb, but that’s not going to change, far as I can forecast. But I do have to credit wine’s industry with shoving and taunting me back to a dedicate dote on wine writing. How the wines compose themselves after being drawn and carried through fermentation by a set of human hands. As I wrote yesterday in the field on my tablet, everything is wine. How I see it. Everything. This morning, this latte, this table that I keep coming back to, the books I lecture on semester after semester, how I just lifted my head to look at the time and see where I am…