inward jot

Telling self… “You need to be more wild with your writing, more carefree and unorthodox.” Students sharing their stories in class, what they’re going through and the immediacies of their days. I stood there, at the front of the class toward the end of the meeting, humbled, inspired, taught. How can I say I’m their teacher when I learn so much from them. SO much.

Music in ears… what do you want to do now? Just keep writing? Asking self… these inward jots and plotting against any potential mood that could land. What am I talking about? Just don’t let it land. Don’t let any mood land. Not one. And don’t get distracted. Not by your phone or anything. The goal is to scribe, the moment.. right now where you are, in the conference room or in the library. Learn from your inward jots. And I am, today. Through, I want to learn more. I want to learn more about me, what I’m doing here as an adjunct whatever, and where I’m going… where will I be on May 29th, when I turn 39? Then, years after that. Then what? Existence is not existence… it’s Life. My life. What do I do in the next ten minutes? The next tent minutes. I set the timer, demand I figure something out. Try this for yourself… ten minutes to change your life. And you CAN change your story and the momentum, proverbially, in ten minutes. Who says you can’t?