Jour Un….

I need some drastic and very elevating change. So I can write more freely, more fearlessly with more gregarious roar. Perform, share more, put everything out there and not give a shit about rejection or criticism. Not sure where this is coming from but I’m going to test myself today. Call today, DAY ONE. Starting the countdown over. One hundred days of not just change or character development, or any sort of self-improvement, but elevation, exploration. By Day 100, I will be traveling, speaking, with a book DONE. Don’t think I will waiver, or stray, faulted, flounder, nothing like that. Oh I can’t wait till my first flight. hoping it’s to NYC to speak about writing, or wine, or education, or blogging, or life… parenting, happiness, fitness, anything. My ideas will carry me to wherever I want to go. Change is more than change, it’s writing and rewriting. It’s a definition and redefining of purpose, passion, sight. Ran into a former student yesterday at Kenwood Winery, and she talked to me about her career, where she’s going, and how she’s determining the direction and pace. That’s what I this morning, since waking, have been reexamining — MY direction, pace. This hundred days will be a test of my pace, getting me to where I want to and have to be, to be a better father, person, writer, teacher.