Wooing, in all considerations of such expression. Cabernet with that jazzy forward and mad beat about it. Verse in all its leans and scenes. Picture-prone in its youth and vowing more measure and presence and galactic sensuousness in approaching years. Though, it’s hard to lay down something this magnanimous and mammoth after tasting it. What did I pair it with? Just the occasion. A conversation with my Philosophy Major friend, Dad, and the ideas exchange that precipitated. This is a thoughtful wine, a wine of thought, a wine for thought, a wine that forces you to think about your Now in wine’s narrated stretch. Found my analysis became less an analysis. Not even much of a reaction, but a pressed-together presence. She, me, speaking to each other in imbibed inquiries and coaxing more exploratory modes. Elevation, terrestrial makeup, Cabernet. Lovingly locked. Her and I ignore keys.

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