Monday…. You don’t scare me.

Not even a little. Only 8:01am and I’ve sent two emails, done some research, and am writing between tasks. Coffee helping as always, cold outside and warm in here, heater going as I type this line. Feel self sometimes wondering why I am where I am and what else can I do to be where I aim. “Work harder,” I answer, “always work harder.” I in the last six or eight months or so have seen Monday’s as a diving board, and the rest of the week is the pool. A lap pool. At the olympics. So here I am, swimming faster than anyone on either side of me.

No, Monday, you don’t get to me as you do to others. I see you as a coach at the same time as that encouraging plank. You have me ready for this week and everything right there at the 12…. The more I talk to Monday the more I order myself to be ready for more invitations and more diving into other pools. Have to be organized. Have to be that writer who inventories EVERYTHING. And I am, for the most part. Need to simplify, though. Both in thought and in actions, organization. What am I? A writer. A writer in business. Selling with the way I recite, especially with wine which is from where I’ll build.

I recognize the quiet in this home office, throughout the house actually, and know I need to use every tick and tock of this digital laptop clock as lucratively as possible. So… Monday…. What do you see for me? What do you want me to do? What do you think I can do with the eight hours at the winery? — You know what, it doesn’t matter. I know what I can do and what I will do. Sell. Sell me. Get surprisingly closer to my ‘There’. At the end of today, I will look back at the last 24 hours and think, “Huh…. Wow. I did that. I want that again for tomorrow.” This Monday, this morning, NOW, assures me that I can be assured that the only option and possibility for today and all days onward is ascension. I don’t have to settle. For anything. A writer in business is different than a non-writer in business as they see the connectedness of everything, analyze its general coherence. They think, “What is the story saying?…What is the author’s message to us?…What am I getting out of this story? What is it teaching me?” Monday, you know where I’m going, you make promises that I have to carry out, bring to tangibility. I’m fine with that arrangement.