NaNaWriMo, Day 5/30

Have over 500 words for today, but that’s not nearly enough and I’m horribly in a horror of behindness. Ordered 4 shot mocha, blueberry scone. Hope all this helps. This month has to be THE month not just to finish a book but to acquire all slivers and facets of the peace I deserve. Have to shake this mood. I will. With the time of the day, what it delivers in the way of characters — have a feeling it’ll have hints placed for me, how I quicker get to travel and pictures, finishing books and never having to be on another’s clock again.

Sitting down for a second, in the back corner of this Starbucks, collecting self and breathing. Long day ahead of me, but that’s just it, I realize. That’s what I need! There’s more material in long days, those that drag on. So drag away, Today! Take me with you, show me what I need to write, show me where the panacea is, so I can be on my first of hundreds of planes.

Coffee —