Sales note…

So many talk about sales like there’s this dogma or commonly accepted strut. But there’s not. I’ve learned that sales is about knowledge of people more than product. I always stress conversation, communication, and am often dismissed. Why? Put yourself there, on the other side of the conversation. How do you want the conversation to progress? Businesses should focus on needs and wants, curiosities and affinities.

No real target or inspiration for this note, it’s just a musing that climbed all around my thinking on the drive here, to get my coffee, take some notes in my Composition Book. And that’s another thing — keep a WRITTEN inventory of what works and what doesn’t. Okay.. there is a target, something that lit this written wick…. I had a discussion with someone about a month ago, someone I’d never met, and I could feel the self-assurance and anointment in his octave, just the way he set words into the conversation. What a concept, just talking to someone, listening to what they have to say… not focusing on ourselves and how we sound, but rather interact genuinely. This character, did just that — talk about sales like it’s one thing. Not an act, not a learning process. A thing. One thing. His thing. The way it is to him is the way it should be for everyone.

I wasn’t buying.