Secret Ground

Mike Madigan
Mar 21, 2019 · 2 min read

Writing at a different spot, just down the Road from the office. 4-shot latte and more plans for the day than the day’s aware. This is more than self-talk, but a discussion of two entities, Me and my perception. What I want and the day presented to a writer. We’re all writers, I argued in a recent talk. And we are. WE, spend so much time wishing, with the perception that something is not here when often it already is. You want to be something, you have to tell yourself that’s already the identity present. You might think that’s the now-popular motion of self-talk. But, not. It’s the inward instruction, the inward jot. Word and thought musings from you to YOU, for the purpose of renewed You. The act and practice of such. I write in a different spot this morning as a result of decision. No deliberation or meditation. It’s simply what I wanted transpired.

A wellspring, this morning assures. A small family sits at the table with me, and I don’t get frustrated as I often do when writing at a Starbucks or other coffee spot and the noise or movement, shaky table intrudes. I decided to be here and will be HERE, present and mentally active in rewarding percussion. Not that I can have whatever I want, that’s not what I’m writing at all. But I am confirming my conviction that the perspective and attitude is completely navigated and elected by me, by WE.

Realizing and eager for the hours just off my form’s bow. I’m in my way, in my written stray and another day of promise and self-ushering and place. If you see what’s around you and have any sentiment, put that in a motion that only contributes to your motion. It’s all a decision, and the results will elevated and reward your character’s newly chosen core. You don’t need to, ever, wish. You’re a writer, we all are. We need to write more our moments and what we demand from them.


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