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Don’t fight, reject, or curse the morning. Embrace it and see it as kind, encouraging.

Taking the little time I have to log yesterday’s expenses, $2.16 for sparkling water after 7-mile run at gym, then $2.90 earlier at school, for yes another sparkling water. So that’s, what (no calc’), $5.06? Under the $7 budget I set for self, as much a challenge, for the day. Taking the 20 minutes, tops, 25 really pushing, to enjoy that victory. Spent $6.05 on 4-shot mocha, very much needed still feeling yesterday’s run. Not slowing or hating the morning for being a morning. What is it with people and their relationship with early hours? Why not see it differently? I love the mornings, more I age.. time to brainstorm and go over notes, ideas for day… and today is one where I carry this energy of the morning to the rest of the hours ahead of me, when I go to sleep which I dread ’cause naturally I wont’t be doing anything. I want to keep building, keep constructing, keep with my wild pages and brainstorming, notes —

-six words for every wine.

-go for a walk, take ten publish worthy photos

-be kind to every person, even those with whom you see nothing like ‘eye-to-eye’

I look around the Starbuck and more of the faces than not have a scowl, a resentment of the A.M. If they have a job they loathe, I get it. But then I don’t. Why not brainstorm, write letters to yourself and keep a journal, write what you want… write it over and over. And over. Me? “I’m going to blog and write and travel and repeat… that is how I will run my identity-brand, and marketing business. Everything is words, and this morning — ‘forwarding, innocent, playful, educating, testing, loving, emboldening, aloft, layered, musical’. Ten words to start my day, as I suggested to “students”. Of course this is the write bias in me, emerging… but still. A thought nonetheless. I’m going to be kind, taking lessons from this morning. Letting me be alive, here in this seat, sipping my coffee… even with this annoying fly buzzing around, landing on my phone then on the wall next to my mocha, just above my hard drive. This is kindness. This is an invite to steer the story any way I want. We all have this…. DON’T YOU GET IT?

There will be no fight from me. But concertedness with this morning, the day it precipitates. I’m here, right now, listening Herbie Hancock “Little One”, and I think of my little ones. They need me to be this, everyday, how I am right now in this chair, wondering where that bloody fly went? And, where did it go? Probably off to fly around in the shop or outside, take in the morning as I now do wondering what the wines will taste like, what the ground will sound like when I step on those dried leaves and canes… what will the air relay in atmospheric notes? I’m more than encouraged. I’m a mammoth educator self-educating in this morning which provides the classroom.

Five minutes left. And that’s with my maximum estimation. The morning is quick, curt, unrelenting, but I see that rhythm and tangibility as kindness. Do yourself a favor and see it the same.