Where What Doing

Words. From author, read by reader, shape thought. Shape vision. Make more life, re-shape it, and take it to dimensions compounded. There is nothing wrong with curiosity, nothing wrong with whim and in-the-moment composition. Words fly around us and antagonize us. Our job is to answer, to respond and to thoughtfully react. Words provide the Kant principles of happiness of something to do, love, hope for. In narrative form, and other. Reading though pages should be a slow, intimate act and not one erratic or rushed. Not at all. Take your time, celebrate and feel each word, even if the page isn’t something you enjoy.

Of course some would say the sole purpose of words is to communicate. True, partially. It can also be stated and supported that words mean to create, provide, actuate a scape for self-education and exploration, discovering more self than was before realized and readily, enthusiastically noted. Happiness comes from knowing something is ours, oftentimes. Words, we make our own. The pages welcomes not only everything I’ve mentioned but welcomes itself to your story.

Author and reader, communicate from page placement. Words carving emotions and stories, sentiments and poetic and slow set-in truths. From all directions and angles and perceptions. Do, the reading. Love, the act of reading, the life you experience from the words greeting you, and those you yourself pen. What’s hoped for — more life. More moments where you realize something about you, your life, life, the life around you. Where you are, the why, the what’s-next.

Travel and more travel, movement through sentences and syllables isn’t supposed to be contained or restrained, conveniently confined to some composition cage. If you don’t enjoy what you’re reading, writing, then you’re not reading or writing. The actuality that you’re there, doing just that, is to be celebrated.

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