Designing Adobe Portfolio
Andrew Couldwell

This post got me signed up and check out the tool (yes, that’s a beautiful marketing site), but after an hour of playing with it, I’m done. This is possibly one of the worst website/portfolio builders I’ve ever tried using. All the modals are frustrating (text should just use inline editing), project management is non-sensical (Please stop forcing behance on us, and why do all projects show up in each gallery? It takes up so much space.), the editor UI is blending in with the actual site design, and seriously what is up with the super light gray? That’s not accessible even on my retina macbook pro.

I do like the preview function, but it’s too basic. I’d rather use the simulator inside the Chrome dev tool. Overall, the tool just feels too old and clunky for this day and age, inline editing is the norm now, if you don’t have that, you are really missing the point.

If this tool is any good, that $9.99/month price tag is pretty amazing because it comes with PS and Lightroom. Unfortunately, this is just a rebrand of Prosite without much improvements, if any. I don’t like to knock down someone else’s hard work, but with this coming from Adobe, it’s really disappointing.

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