Faking a Mandate
Michael Arnovitz

I really like the bolshevik/menshevik point. Reminds me of the ‘occupy’ morons that were claiming ‘we are the 99%’.

I remember seeing a group of them blowing up their ‘99%’ balloons in a park when this was going on. I really felt like walking up to them and pointing out some simple facts.

That the people protesting around the country made up less than one hundredth of one percent of the population. I wanted them to look at the people walking around on the city streets that they could see from where they stood, even at that moment. 99% of them were going to work. Or were on lunch break from their jobs.

Sorry, but 99% of people were (and are) going about their lives. Working. Taking care of their children. Buying food, clothes. Hanging out with friends.

99% of the population was not protesting.

And here was a tiny faction of people claiming to be the 99%.

And while I really wanted to point this out to them, I had more important things to attend to.

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