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Oooh. I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. (I haven’t read the books, so feel free to punch holes in this.)

Dany’s at her best asserting power and possibly at her worst administrating power: It’s why she’s so effective among the Dothraki, whose culture pretty much reflects that as the meaning of life. And the more the story highlights this, the worse her long-term trajectory into Westeros looks. It’s hard to imagine how Daenerys’ impulse to dealing with schemers and threats will ever be anything other than raining fire down on them. Meereen made it feel like this could be a course of development for her, but Vaes Dothrak seems to show that old habits die hard and are maybe unburnt themselves.

Okay, so … Dany in Kings Landing seems like a Mad Queen waiting to happen … but the White Walkers give her a rolling target once she gets there. If there’s any army that’d be equipped and excited to take the fight beyond the Wall, it’s hers. But for her to win a war and retire to Dorne doesn’t seem all that satisfying as a narrative … Could she, in some form, become The Night’s Queen? This would add some complexity to The Night’s King, with Daenerys’ arc possibly reflecting his origin … building a cycle into the balance of mystical power in this world. (For what it’s worth, The Night’s King also seems a conqueror, seeking critical mass / opportunity to move beyond a barrier and establish a new order.)

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