A celebrity President would be the perfect acknowledgement of everything wrong with America right…
Mike MC

I won’t swear in this response since Americans can’t seem to handle swearing in political discourse, which is odd because they can stomach a multitude of horrors like school shootings and drug epidemics and wars waged in their name, but apparently naughty words are just beyond the pale and somehow negate the legitimacy of an argument. I shall proceed accordingly.

Writing style aside, let’s start with a little empathy. I get it, America. The shock of Trump winning the election is still strong. I’m not sure what stage of grief you’re in, but I’m sure it’s tough to deal with. But let’s stay sober about the situation. You lost one big election to an idiot. Not just a figurehead for a right-leaning ideology that had a clearly defined agenda (like what you got with Bush Junior), but bona fide idiot. It makes it so you have no idea what’s going to happen next and that’s a tough pill to swallow. But you have to be better than your reactionary counterparts on the other side of the aisle. Don’t regress to a “let’s fight fire with fire” mentality after this particular egregious misstep of American Democracy.

America’s institutions are not as strong as you think they are. They will crumble with time, given the proper ingredients. Trump is a key ingredient in the destruction of conventional American Democracy because he is willing to do what Republicans have always wanted to do but never had the courage to act on: literally tear down the government because it is unnecessary in a country where corporations and well-monied interests run everything. Trump is literally too stupid to say this outright because I don’t believe he actually understands that’s the real plan. But it’s right there for all to see, baked in to his hubris and rhetoric. “I’m rich and powerful and a super-genius. Trust me.” It’s the divine right of kings for the modern capitalist age.

But your assertion that experience and affiliation with the standard methods of political education are somehow now liabilities plays in to this cynical strategy of governmental destruction. The fantasy notion that a suave celebrity can somehow better navigate both domestic policy and the Machiavellian snake-pit of international politics in which the United States must function (and function well) smacks of some kind of intellectual defeatism. It’s a similar type of attitude that allows a Playboy Playmate to put forth commentary on the medical credibility of vaccinations and gain a massive following. We see people in “successful” Western democracies embracing the new intellectual Dark Age:

“I just don’t trust these doctors with their degrees and advanced learning and all the time they spend on keeping us healthy. This pretty lady who got rich taking her clothes off has a solution that is simpler and more entertaining than all that boring science. That’s what I believe now.”

Now they’re saying:

“I just don’t trust these regular politicians with their legal knowledge and public service experience and fancy degrees from Harvard. The rich person I recognise on the TV has a solution that is both simple and irrational. That’s what I support now.”

Trump is making massive political mistakes everywhere you look because he doesn’t understand or care what politics are meant to accomplish. For a celebrity the only currencies that matter are fame and money. They know nothing of political capital or why it might be a good thing to have. Reagan had enough political experience to know the currencies he needed to trade in, earning him the praise of horrible people like Henry Kissinger. But your standard Oprah-type celebrity is going to fall victim to the same inadequacies as Trump. If America wants to maintain any type of leadership position in the world it needs to put forth politicians who are trained and educated in the appropriate fields. To me, the suggestion and promotion of celebrity presidents shows that liberal America has collectively shrugged it’s shoulders and given up, caving to anti-intellectualism and whimpering to itself: “Well, I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.”

Be better than that. But now I’m just repeating myself.