Killing Freemium is the Worst Thing for Artists
Cortney Harding

Very astute article. Seems like the labels want to close the door on discovery, since they view discovery as cannibalising profits. I’m sure they’ll finally find a model without the word “free” in it and everyone will hate it.

Beatport, which I use on a regular basis, seems to have found a good compromise on the existing model: radio/demand hybrid for discovery, proper shopping experience for purchasing tracks.

The main problem as a consumer is finding a service where you don’t feel like you’re getting soaked and all the money just gets shovelled to the labels or greedy mega-artists. CDs, which were a literal gold mine for labels, have left a bad taste in the mouth of the average consumer, who was all too aware that they were being ripped off. $20 for an album these days is just unimaginable.

I think the future is a return to radio-like experiences, but with the advantage of modern technologies enabling seamless purchase experiences and automatic curation. Or maybe it’s huge expensive generic services like Tidal! Who can say?!

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