The Good Muslim

A Parable

A mother put her child to bed one night. As was her custom, she tucked him in, pulled out a story, and began to read it. Before she could get very far, he asked her a question. He said, “Mom, God loves everyone the same, right?”

She stopped reading, nodded and said, “Yes, of course.” He then said, “There are kids at school…they believe different things…” He paused for a moment, and then followed with, “God loves them, too?” She smiled and said, “Yes, of course. God loves us all the same. God does not show favoritism. You are absolutely right.”

She went back to reading the story, but it wasn’t long before she was interrupted again. The young son said, “Mom, so…God loves everyone. Does everyone love God?”

She thought for a moment and said, “That’s a good question. I would say that some do and some do not. But even so, God loves those who do not love him, as well. It is unconditional. It is like my love for you.”

She smiled as she said it, and her son smiled back. He then asked, “Ok, so what do I do to show that I love God?”

She kissed him on the forehead and said, “What do you think? How does God know you love him? What can you do?”

He was quiet for a moment and replied, “I think God knows I love him because I love my friends and my family. I help them and I am kind to them. Is that right?”

“Yes, that absolutely is right,” she said, “that is one way you show you love God.”

He said, “Are there other ways? It’s not that easy, right? I know there is more to it.”

She put down the book she was reading and said, “I will tell you another story, tonight. Ok?”

Of course it was ok, because he liked all his mother’s stories. He nodded in agreement, smiled, and pulled his covers to his chin. It was a bit chilly that night.

She began:

“One night, a man was walking to the store, when a group of people jumped him. They beat him, took all his money, and left him there, badly injured. It was a very serious situation. By chance, just a few minutes later, a group of deacons from a local church drove by. They slowed down to look, but thinking he probably was just drunk, did not stop to help him. A few minutes later, a Pastor, riding his bike to a political meeting also saw him. The injured man was passed out blocking the sidewalk, so the Pastor rode his bike into the street to avoid him and went on his way. But, an Arab Muslim family, new to the country drove by, saw the man, felt compassion towards him, and stopped. The husband and wife got out, helped the man up, and put him in their van, next to their children. They even got blood on their clothes while doing so. Once in the van, they cleaned the blood off the man as best they could using some of their own children’s clothing. They then drove him to the hospital and helped him into the emergency room. They waited for the doctor to come out and tell them the man was going to be fine. The doctor expected a full recovery. He had experienced a severe concussion and had internal bleeding. The doctor told them that their help may very well have saved his life. The doctor said the man was resting now and would be unable to see anyone for the rest of the night. The Muslim family was pleased the man was going to be alright and felt honored to have had the chance to help him. The husband and wife left their phone numbers with the doctor and told him to have the injured man call them when he was able. They wished to make plans to host the injured man and his family for dinner at their house.”

She then looked at her son and said, “So tell me, who in that story loved God?”

He said with a big grin, “The Muslim family loved God! They helped the injured man with everything he needed…and more!”

“Yes,” she replied, “So, it sounds like we should be like them. Doesn’t it?”

He agreed. They hugged and said, “I love you,” to each other. She got up, turned out the light and went to bed herself.