Two Isolated Americas
Chris Arnade

You see all these pictures with this article? With Trump, same old, same old. We are a lazy bunch and we like things the way they are. We like to see those soft moments in our lives and cat videos and such on YouTube. But others see a people who use to reside in the desert deserving to reside in the heartlands of our country, raising their goats and implementing Sharia Law all over the place. Yes. they are people like us and then again not like us. Their beliefs are off. Their ideology says no other than they can be on this planet. It is theirs, alone. While we’ll accept just about anybody, else. So they come here to threaten our very existence. Sure in small numbers, their friendly, but they are scoping out your weaknesses. And taking notes. Then as their numbers increase they start getting more outspoken. Don’t like being turned down when they request land for a super Mosque, so they can hold prayers for all those to come and train their troops for the final push. They will come to your door, armed and no longer friendly. En Masse, not alone. So it’s up to Middle America and those on the fringe. Is it that difficult to go get an ID card, just drop down to City Hall and sign a form and get a picture took, around here we do it with our department of motor vehicles. And public transportation can’t be that far off, can it be? Why so many dead people, registered to vote. They are checking those list, checking them twice to find out whose dead and buried, and whose not. So far the dead is leading the pack with registrations, so next when they do vote it will be noticed who voted for them and they face prison time of almost 4, good for the next election period. Any second offenders should be in for 8. Happy Voting and either vote for change or keep the homestead as it is