It’s The Racism, Stupid

Back in 1992 when That Other Clinton won the White House, it was largely attributed to his war room mantra: “It’s the economy, stupid”. Fast forward a quarter century and we are being told the same thing about Trump’s victory by his supporters, and even apologists on the left, including the beloved Bernie Sanders. Liberals and progressives are being told, a week after this catastrophic coup, that it was, well, kind of our fault (we were too snooty) and to practice more “empathy” for rural and suburban white folk who have been suffering in a stagnant economy. Poor things.

And we liberal white folks have been taking it to heart! Many of us, after all, have family in red states and we don’t want to be throwing around the R-word like they’ve been throwing around the N-word all these years. That just doesn’t seem, well, very nice. And it’s definitely time to make nice, right? With Thanksgiving coming up and all. Plus, if they say they aren’t racist, even though, you know walk like a duck, quack like a duck, vote for a duck, shouldn’t we take these gentle heartland folk at their word? Shouldn’t we give them a chance? After all, they provide us with our nation’s food, laboring day and night to make America great — oops, no, that’s Mexican Immigrants. Sorry. I always do that.

Anyway, point is: you’re not going to persuade anyone by calling them the R-word. So we libs have been getting clever about it, because we’re nothing if not clever. Here’s a very succinct iteration of the meme that’s been going around the last couple days:

Well, no. Not quite “end of story”.

So, just to be clear about this. If racism isn’t a deal-breaker, YOU ARE FUCKING RACIST. Jesus. I mean.

What this meme is really saying is: “I’m afraid to call people out, so I’ma just, you know, I’ma be over here hiding under my sheet — I don’t mean my white sheet — it’s, uh, plaid, but y’all know what I mean, I’m just gonna… uh… yo! Let’s give Trump a chance!”

Now, strap in for this next part, because this is really going to blow your mind: When you shrink from calling out racism, YOU ARE FUCKING RACIST! I know! This is some Inception-ass shit.

Yeah, speaking truth to power just got harder, didn’t it?

Just remember, when you’re tempted to get all meta about this because you don’t want to offend or alienate the folks back home: It wasn’t the economy, stupid. It Was The Racism.